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Via A. Maspoli 18
Switzerland, Italy CH-6850

(0) 91 630 27 44

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The story of Bagatt is an ancient story. But also an adventure in our time. An experience which has been going in for more than a hundred years and it is able to project into the future the same care once taken years ago for artisan products and for the customer. Thanks to an integrated process which takes advantage of the most modern production and distribution techniques, the companies of the group have given life to a modern and competitive system. Since 1984, thanks to the franchising formula, they have been spreading the same unquestionable quality through Europe and the world.

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun 11am - 7pm

FoxTown is just around the corner: only 15 km from Lugano and 50 km from Milan, Mendrisio exit.

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