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Contact Name
From by Vestebene

Contrada Mandre Bianche
Sicilia, Italy 94011

+39.0935 960900

From by Vestebene is located in Italy in the region of Sicilia, province of Enna in the town of Agira. From by Vestebene offers a wide range of products from the brand of From by Vestebene. At this factory outlet you can find quality items at discounted prices from discontinued lines, samples and past season collections. Before visiting the outlet check the opening hours. Enjoy your shopping experience in Italy: designer brands at affordable prices. Contact the factory outlet if you are after any particular collection or product.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10am - 8pm; Saturday to Sunday 10am - 9pm

By Car: Palermo-Catania Highway "Dittaino - OUTLET" exit; By train: Dittaino Station, which is an intermediary station on the Palermo-Catania railway line;By bus: the shuttle bus service is free. Reservations compulsory: please call +39 0935 950040;

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