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Four generations have followed upon one another since, back in 1921 Mrs Giulia Allario, grand-mother of the actual President Lugi Scagliotti, started the business on an artisan level with just two hand looms. In the 70’s, Luigi Scagliotti, thanks to the hard work and the great entrepreneurship of his father Aldo and his mother Iride, led the company to grow and become famous worldwide with the brand “ Andrè Maurice, il Mito dell’Angora “, which was advertised on TV and in the best magazines. Through the years, the company grew into one of the leading firms in the production of women’s and men’s knitwear. Algis’real strength was in making innovative choices, sometimes risky, in the field of technology which allowed it to foresee competitors and the market trends, as, for example, at the end of the 80’s, when the owner decided to invest sizeable capital in the renewal of his electronic equipment. He bought very modern and excellent Shima Seiki machines, which have been constantly replaced with new and improved versions through the years. Today, Algis has sixty six electronic machines of the latest generation, programmed by qualified technicians, among them Andrea, the owner’s son. Mrs Guglielmina, the owner’s wife, who coordinates the production control and delivery department is also in the business as well as their daughter Silvia, who deals with graphics and the creative image.

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mon-thu: 10am - 8pm; ven-sun and public holidays: 10am - 9pm

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