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Via P. Nenni 96
Casette d'Ete
Marche, Italy 63011

0734 871606

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Very well made copies (but minus the logo) of rubber soled or rubber cleated shoes produced by another local shoe manufacturer. Casual mocassins for M/W starting at €44 and up in various colours. Modern looking lace-ups, ankle booties for M/W. Also a good choice of handbags and attachè cases or medical bags (€70) but made elsewhere. They ship.

Opening Hours
9.00-12.00/14.30-19.00. Saturday 9.00-12.00/15.00-18.00

Autostrada A 14, exit Civitanova Marche, follow the superstrada to Tolentino in the direction of Marcerata. Exit at Monte Cosaro Scalo, the 2nd exit, and continue to Casette d'Ete. In the center follow the signs.


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